Slide COLORDIM 5.10 and
CONTROLS Remote Device Management (RDM) allows most settings of the COLORDIM series to be accessed over RDMDMX accessories when the ballast is not at your hand. Or you want to switch between progams from your desk.
the two new Rodlight dimmers with intuitive control for all settings. Just two buttons and one push encoder and all adjustments are fast selectable. CCT-RGB, CCT-HUE/SAT, GEL, FX , and X/Y for ultimative control.

Rodlight offers all industry common connections:
DMX, WIRELESS DMX with Lumenradio CRMX system and Bluetooth. Remote control of all parameters with your mobile or a big control desk.
Automatic DMX detection
whenever you attach a DMX Signal ( line or wireless) the Colordim series will automatically switch from local mode to remote operation. You can select which signal should be the priority signal if two different signals are selectable.
CUELIST WITH STORAGE SETTINGS COLORDIM 1.25 is designed to operate the Rodlights 1.6 and 2.5. Attachable DCDC converter and off grid operation with 2 V-Mount batteries is standard.
COLORDIM 5.10 is working with the 5.0 and 10.0 Units.
MANUAL CONTROL OPTIONS all of the 30 storage places are recallable in the Cuelist. Jumping from a given CCT / RGB setting to the police effect in 0,5 sec and return with a different timing is easily possible without a desk operator. A flash function for hand made effects with a momentary cue is possible as well. GELLIST SORTING BLACK OUT PRESETS AND SORAGE double tap the Encoder to turn the fixture output off . With the single tap on any button or the touch display the Rodlight will turn back on. This fast output control helps you judging the current settings without laborious changing color and intensity. in each of the five programs CCT/RGB , CCT/HUE-SAT, GEL, FX, and X/Y six individual settings are storable.
Press and hold the Encoder plus press the Mode button. Select the storage position and confirm with the encoder. Reload the storage with the Encoder and Menu button . A simple one hand operation
in the Gel program the sorting of the Gel list can be changed with a single press on the MODE button from the given numbers to the Gel names. This gives you fast access to the desired color.
Who knows all the numbers? 😊